Cindy Church – Sad Songs Make Me Happy

Cindy Church – Sad Songs Make Me Happy

(Outside Music) As Church herself acknowledges in the album linear notes, the inspiration for this release was prompted by an acoustic session around her kitchen table when the rendition of a country tune prompted Cindy to confess that “sad songs make her happy” This prompted a very informal recording session which almost sounds like a home taping, Church’s plaintive vocals on a number of country classics supported by an excellent caste of Toronto area players like Kevin Breit, John Sheard and Rob Pilch. Purposely underproduced with Church’s strong but understated vocals shining on classic covers like “Blue Eyes Shining In The Rain”, “Home Motel” and “In the Wee Small Hours Of The Morning” there’s a comforting warmth about this record, Church proves a point that simplicity can be most effective.

Suggested Download: Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

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Posted by Keith Urban on Sunday, January 1, 2017