The Trews/Bleeker The Marquee  Calgary A.B.  Nov. 18th 2016

The Trews/Bleeker  The Marquee   Calgary A.B.   Nov. 18th 2016
    The Trews had the audience in hand before they hit the first note at The Marquee in Calgary. Colin McDonald (vocals, Fender Telecaster) John-Angus McDonald (Gibson Les Paul) Jack Syperek (Gibson Thunderbird bass) Gavin McGuire (Ludwig drums) and keyboardist Sean Dalton, kicked out a super slick and crunchy set that showed their years of togetherness. They played the... Read More

Nickelback. The Saddledome Calgary

Nickelback. The Saddledome Calgary
Thursday March 12/ 2015 I’ll admit it. Other than the obvious hits, I don’t know Nickelback’s music much at all. I know I’d have really dug it if I’d discovered them as a 15 year old kid. They’ve certainly rustled up a less than stellar reputation for some, though it doesn’t seem to be rooted in much. They’ve faced much... Read More

Last night Keith performed a tribute to some of the great artists that we lost in 2016. Watch it below:

Posted by Keith Urban on Sunday, January 1, 2017